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Custom pylon signs designed and manufactured in-house using quality materials, then installed for longevity.

Sign Here Signs designs, manufactures and installs pylon signs for businesses across Western Australia. Our clients include developers and creative agencies, who need quality signs built on-budget, within an efficient timeframe.

We build pylon signs for petrol stations, large shopping centres, supermarkets, educational institutes and stand-alone businesses who need eye-catching signage that is strong and durable.

We can manufacture pylon signs according to your design, or our in-house designers can handle this for you. Our professional signage manufacturers have been designing, crafting and installing pylon signs for more than twenty years.

Here’s what else you need to know.

3 types of pylon sign

Any of the styles listed below can be manufactured as single or double sided. The three main types of pylon sign are:

Covered monolith pylon

You’ve probably seen this style of pylon sign at petrol stations. It’s large in size and clad, which means the structural supports are completely covered and cannot be seen.

Single pole pylon

This style of pylon sign is often found out the front of fast food chains and supermarkets. They’re cost effective, while still being highly visible and striking.

Twin pole pylon

Shopping centres with multiple stores often use this style of pylon sign, as they can swap out signs when new tenants arrive. They’re affordable and efficient to construct and install.

Council approval support

In Western Australia, a pylon sign needs council approval before it can be erected. This means engineer drawings need to be prepared and submitted to your local council for consideration, before any installation work can begin.

As part of our service, we draw up plans for your pylon sign, which you can submit directly to council for approval. These plans are engineer drawings and should satisfy the requirements of councils in WA.

Once plans are approved, we will go about manufacturing and installing your pylon sign according to the engineer drawings that were submitted to council.

Point Fraser pylon sign at night
Pylon sign for ARB

Custom pylon signs

We have the capabilities to develop pylon signs using a range of eye-catching and high-quality materials, including:

  • LED lighting – for illuminated pylon light boxes.
  • Digital displays – perfect for high-res changeable messages.
  • Aluminium – strong, lightweight and affordable.
  • Masonry elements – like brick, stone or other natural materials.
  • Steel supports – reinforced for maximum durability.
  • Specialised cladding materials – such as architectural composites.

These are just a sample of the materials we are able to build your pylon sign with. We have crafted pylon signs using many other unique materials that are highly effective and suitable for the job.

If you’d like to find out more, send us an email with your requirements, and we will confirm if we have the capabilities to manufacture your pylon sign. In most cases we will be able to build what you need.

Built for WA conditions

The pylon signs we build are developed to withstand Western Australia’s tough conditions. Whenever possible, we use UV resistant materials, to ensure colours do not fade over time.

We also use non-corrosive materials that will not rust or deteriorate in the rain. To ensure strength and durability we reinforce the frame of your pylon sign, and  manufacture and install to engineer specifications.

Affordable pylon signs

Our pylon signs are designed and manufactured in-house, in our fully equipped Malaga facility. This enables us to keep costs lower for our clients, while ensuring the work we do is of a high quality.

It also means we can turn around projects efficiently, as our team of designers, builders and installers are on-hand, ready to support you with your signage requirements.

7 Eleven Pylon Sign at night

Get started

If you’d like a pylon sign for your project, please get in touch. We can design your pylon sign from scratch, or manufacture according to your design. For more information on choosing the right pylon sign for your business, head here.

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