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Lightboxes and Fabricated Letters

Illuminated lightboxes, fabricated letters and signs custom-made in Western Australia.

Sign Here Signs custom manufactures illuminated signs, including lightboxes and individual letters, for clients in Western Australia. Our clients include developers, agencies and businesses, who want to elevate their signage.

We have the capabilities to design your illuminated signage, or we can craft your own unique design in our fully-equipped fabrication facility. Our turn-arounds are efficient, and we’re able to meet tight deadlines, if they arise.

We are able to create nearly any design you can imagine, and make a point of staying up to date with new and emerging signage styles. And, we make sure to use only quality materials and construction methods for optimal durability.

Here’s what else you need to know.

Type of illuminated signs

We manufacture a range of illuminated signs for indoor and outdoor installation. Just some of these include:

  • Light boxes – illuminated with LEDs or fluorescent light.
  • Illuminated pylon light boxes – highly visible and eye catching.
  • Single or double sided – most illuminated signs can be either.
  • Fabricated letters or shapes – individually cut and halo or back lit.
  • Illuminated push through signs – for a 3D effect.
  • LED backlist poster frames – easily changeable and high impact.
  • Neon signs – or LED alternatives with a similar effect.
  • Digital signs – high res illuminated signage.

Fabricated letters

Our fabrication department specialises in custom manufacturing individual letters and shapes for illuminated signs. These signs elevate the aesthetic of a building, and can be back lit for visibility at night.

We’re also able to create a halo effect around each letter or shape, which looks very striking, even during the day. This style of illuminated signage can be used for logos, or any shape you’d like to work with.

When it comes to working with fabricated letters and shapes, the options really are endless. We’re able to manufacture this style of signage efficiently, and within a reasonable budget.

3D letter signage construction
Lightbox signage construction

Custom illuminated signs

Our illuminated signs are custom-crafted in-house, by our team of signage professionals. We’ve been manufacturing custom illuminated signs for over 20 years, and love making new and interesting styles of signage for our clients.

We often work with agencies, who want their incredible designs realised, as well as developers who want eye-catching signage that aligns with the branding and aesthetic of their development.

We also provide a custom design service in-house, through our experienced design team. This service is often used by established brands, who send us their design parameters, and businesses who want a comprehensive signage solution.


Illuminated signs are highly effective when it comes to getting a place of business or development noticed. They’re ideal for pylons, underneath awnings, above shop fronts or at any high traffic location.

Retail displays with a lit slimline edge are perfect for capturing attention and showcasing a brand. While many businesses use illuminated fabricated letters to convey key information, either inside or outside a building.

Coles lightbox signage

Affordable illuminated signs

We manufacture our illuminated signs in-house to keep costs low for our clients. We believe good quality signage shouldn’t have to cost an arms and a leg, and this is our way of making sure we can deliver, while still meeting your budget.

Our team is also committed to making sure the illuminated signs we create last, while still looking incredible. This is why we only use quality materials and building methods suited to Western Australia.

Get started

If you’d like a quote for your illuminated signs, please get in touch. We are happy to discuss your project and come up with a solution that matches what you’re looking to achieve.

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