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Wayfinding Solutions

Quality wayfinding signage for your apartment, hotel or development. Affordable, built to last, and made right here in WA.

Sign Here Signs designs, manufactures and installs wayfinding solutions for builders and developers in Western Australia. Our sign company specialises in custom making signs that elevate the design aesthetics of your property.

We install wayfinding signs in hotels, apartment blocks, office buildings and other large scale developments. Our signage is manufactured using quality, long lasting material and installed by professional technicians.

Here’s what else you need to know about our wayfinding sign company.

Styles of wayfinding signage

There are many different kinds of wayfinding signs, and most developments will require a combination of the types listed below.

  • Statutory signs – signage required under the Building Code of Australia (BCA), including any signage related to emergency services.
  • Directional signage – to assist people with finding their way through your building easily and safely.
  • Informational signage – provides broader information about facilities, such as opening hours, location of amenities and other important data.
  • Regulatory signage – sets boundaries around safety and liability, so people know what behaviour is acceptable in your building.
Custom regulatory signage

Crafting a positive experience

Wayfinding signs should interact seamlessly with one another. For example, if a person is following directional signage to a location, they should also encounter regulatory signage telling them which areas they cannot access.

They may also see statutory signage, indicating where emergency exits are located, as well as information signage highlighting when the reception area is open for business.

Together, all of these wayfinding signs make the visitor’s experience of your building more satisfying and positive, while also ensuring they find their destination easily and safely.

Styles of wayfinding signage

Custom elevator / lift signage panel

We are able to develop wayfinding signage using almost any kind of signage material. Including:

  • 3D acrylic lettering – including logos or signage with LED back lighting.
  • Acrylic panel signage – with frosting, multi layered lettering of vinyl graphics.
  • LED back-lit signs – for a high impact visual at night and during the day.
  • Floor graphics – ideal for helping people easily find their way.
  • Wall signage with spacers – brings letters off the wall for 3D impact.
  • Clear panels on standoffs – signage under a clear panel that stands off wall.

These are just some of the wayfinding solutions we can develop for your site. If you have a concept in mind, please let us know. In most cases we have the capabilities to develop any style of sign you require.

Developing out of the box signage solutions is our forte. We enjoy staying up to date with emerging signage styles, and have the skills to adapt even the most unique concept into an effective signage solution.

Custom signs for wayfinding

Custom signs are an excellent way to elevate the overall design of your space. We are able to custom make wayfinding signage for every facet of your development – from directional signs and room numbers to braille signage on your fire cupboards.

Our design team can work with you to develop signs that reflect the branding and overall look of your space, or we can custom make a pre-existing design to your specifications.

Affordable custom signs

We design and manufacture all of our signs in our fully-equipped Malaga facility. This enables us to have complete quality control over what we create, while keeping costs low for our clients.

Having our own sign making facility also allows us to turnaround projects efficiently, without compromising on the quality of our work. Ensuring the signs we develop are built to last is so important to us.

Custom toilet signage

Get started

For more information on wayfinding signs for your space, please get in touch. We are happy to discuss your project requirements and provide an obligation-free quote for you to consider.

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