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We were commissioned to design, engineer and install building signage for Bennett, a top tier commercial law firm located in the Perth CBD. The signage consisted of large-scale illuminated letters, which spelt out the name of the firm. These letters were installed at the top of a skyscraper on St Georges Terrace. 

The project itself was completed by our in-house team of signage specialists, and required a high level of attention to detail. This meant coming up with innovative solutions to ensure signage was visible to the public both day and night, while ensuring the client’s brief was met. 

Here’s more on how the project rolled out. 

Scope of works

Our team handled the entire signage process, from design and engineering to installation. We also prepared and submitted council permits and signage licences in advance, to ensure the project complied with relevant building regulations. 

The signage work itself involved designing and engineering letters based on the size of the fascia and cladding weight. The letters were then installed flush with the wall at the top of the building, so they could be easily seen from passers-by on ground level. 

The open pan letters needed to be evenly illuminated with LEDs so they would be visible at night. For this style of signage we typically run wires behind the letters, however in this case, we had to makes sure the LED connections allowed the wires to run to the sides. (More on this later.) 

The end points on each connection also needed special attention, as the wires had to run between the LED channels.  

Matching colours right 

The signage needed to accurately replicate Bennett’s Pantone Matching System* (Pantone) during the day, and at night when it became illuminated. The sign was constructed with rope neon, rather than traditional acrylic with a translucent print. This meant customising the neon so it illuminated in the correct Pantone colour. 

To ensure the Pantone colour was consistent from day to night, we painted the edges of the rope neon and letters to match the daytime colour. The signage was far enough from the ground that the colour of the rope neon blended with the painted edges, while still illuminating in the Pantone colour at night. 

*A standardised colour reproduction system that allows designers to accurately match colours across different materials and platforms. 

Sky high commercial signage solutions

One of the challenges we faced with installation was daisy chaining the LEDs between each letter. Since the letters were mounted flush to the wall, we needed to feed the LEDs through the sides of each letter, without causing any drop in voltage. 

We also painted the connections between each letter the same colour as the wall, which made them invisible to anyone viewing the sign from the ground.  

Two days on a roof

The entire fabrication process took three weeks, plus an additional week to assemble the LEDs to the letters. Installation took two days in total. 

Our team for this project included: 

  • Lead designer, who designed the letters. 
  • Two fabricators, who manufactured them. 
  • A spray painter to paint the letters and tracks. 
  • Three installers and an onsite supervisor. 
  • Three LED assembly technicians. 

That’s a wrap!

If you need support with commercial signage for your building, please get in touch. Our commercial signage experts have the skills and expertise to ensure your signage looks professional and on-brand. We also use high-end materials and engineering processes to ensure your signage stands the test of time.  

Contact us to get started.