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OHS Signage

Quality OHS signage for your site – shop our range online or purchase custom made signs that are built to last.

Sign Here Signs manufactures OHS signage solutions for clients across Western Australia, including mining and construction companies, shopping complexes, retail stores, offices and educational institutions.

We have a broad range of OHS signage available for sale online, or we can custom design and manufacture a solution that matches your needs. The signage we make is developed using superior quality materials and manufacturing processes.

The signage we stock is also compliant with Australian safety regulations, for worksites in WA. If you’re not sure what kind of signage you need for your site, we are happy to discuss solutions for you.

Here’s what else you need to know.

Type of OHS Signage

OHS signage is designed to improve safety outcomes onsite – whether it’s a construction area, a busy shopping centre or any other kind space used by employees or the public.

Good OHS signage needs to be highly visible and easy to understand, so people can quickly identify instructions and follow them, even under the pressure of an emergency situation.

Just some of the many kinds of OHS signage include:

Mandatory signs

Indicate an instruction that must be carried out. They typically highlight a specific hazard, and then provide particular instructions to be followed.

For example, ‘aisle must be kept clear’ or, ‘dust mask must be worn in this area’.

Prohibition signs

These kinds of signs tell people what is not permitted in a specific area or under a certain circumstance.

For example, ‘no smoking’ or, ‘no parking on weekdays’.

Danger signs

OHS signage that warns of a hazard or hazardous conditions, which are life threatening. Danger signs help to prevent harm to people in proximity to the hazard.

Warning signs

These signs warn people of hazards or hazardous conditions, which are unlikely to be life threatening. They help to keep workers and the public safe.

Fire signs

Indicate where fire alarms and other firefighting safety equipment is located. They need to be easily seen and understood, so people can raise alarms and access equipment ASAP.

General information signs

Include information relating to housekeeping, company practices, logistics and other important factors that make life easier for people accessing a particular space.

Emergency information signs

Describe the location of emergency-related facilities, including exits, first aid, defibrillators (AED) and anything else critical to handling an emergency effectively.

Affordable OHS Signage

The OHS signage we supply is designed and manufactured in-house, in our fully equipped Malaga facility. We operate state-of-the art equipment, which enables us to roll out signage efficiently, while also keeping quality standards high.

Developing OHS signage in-house enables us to keep manufacturing costs low, which means savings can then be passed onto our clients. As a result, we are able to provide quality made signage, that is also relatively affordable.

Custom OHS Signage

Range of safety signage

We have a range of OHS signage solutions available for sale at our online shop. However, we are also able to custom design and manufacture solutions that match your unique requirements.

Many of our clients require OHS signage that reflects their specific site processes. Many also prefer signage that features their logo, to improve visibility of their business onsite.

Our in-house designers can handle your OHS signage design requirements at an affordable cost. We then manufacture your signs using the design and custom specs you require.

Quality installation services

As well as designing and manufacturing your OHS signage, we have the capabilities to install your signs onsite. This service is performed by professional installers with years of practical experience.

A good OHS signage installer understands how to place a sign for maximum visibility and longevity. These factors improve the effectiveness of your OHS signage, while also making your site a safer place for employees, and the public.

Get started

For more information on our range of OHS products, please get in touch. You can also check out our OHS signage stock for sale online, or contact us about getting custom signage developed for your site.

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