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Window Frosting & Graphics

If you want high resolution wall graphics or window frosting for your business, we’ve got you covered. (Sorry not sorry.)

Our squad of sign-savvy tech geeks have printers that can handle large format wall coverings and small prints, custom made to suit your interior and exterior design needs.

We combine old-school window frosting techniques with the latest digital printing tech to get the effect you want. We’re happy to recommend signage solutions that match your needs, and get you noticed by the customers who matter to you.

Wall coverings rule

High resolution wall coverings are an easy way to make your office or retail space a place people want to spend time in.

Studies show creating a space people love encourages sales, and improves productivity amongst employees. It may sound simple, but if customers spend longer in your store, they’re more likely to make a purchase.

If staff enjoy their surroundings, there more likely to be relaxed and productive. A well-designed interior window frosting or feature wall graphic is a great way to make your space more appealing. And it’s affordable too.

Save more on your wall graphics and window frosting

All of our window frosting, wall paper and wall coverings are manufactured in-house, which means we can pass on greater savings to our customers.

We can also create designs from scratch, based on the style and feel you are going for. Our designers can integrate your branding, or even suggest ideas to achieve the effect you want.

Wall graphics can cover large walls, creating feature art with crisp HD quality and longevity. It’s a simple solution for business owners who want to make a big impact, without paying a fortune on art and design.

Why we love window frosting:

  • Helps to create a sense of privacy, without affecting natural light.
  • Great for medical facilities, or other businesses where it’s necessary to separate public and private areas.
  • Eye-catching on shop front windows.
  • One-way frosting allows visibility, while still allowing privacy inside your business.
  • Can be made to comply with council by-laws, if required.

Talk to us about wall coverings and window frosting and graphics today. Contact Us