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For the past 25 years, our team has been installing and fabricating signage for mine sites all over WA. We love these kinds of projects, and know the importance of making sure the job’s done right.

If you’re looking for signage at your site, here are some quick reasons why our signage experts are the perfect people to handle your project.

1. We’re innovators

Halo IDTM is a product we specifically developed and trademarked for broadcasting fleet numbers on mine sites. The fleet ID solution is designed for durability, visibility and the safety of operators and assets. And, it’s the first of its kind in the Australian market. (Read more about Halo IDTM here.)

2. Safety matters to us

Mine site signage is a vital facet of your operation. It helps to keep your employees safe, and it’s essential for meeting the strict OH&S requirements you need to comply with. We make sure your signs are installed according to your specifications, so you have peace of mind and know the job’s done right.

3. We’re good at it

It sounds mighty presumptuous, but after 25 years of mining signage work, we can honestly say we’re excellent at what we do. Our signage technicians are driven by quality work, but they’re also efficient. We know time matters to you, which is why we work fast, without compromising on our high standards.

4. We’re affordable

We have our own fully equipped fabrication facility, where our technicians manufacture all of our signage. This is how we’re able to maintain high standards of quality, while offering cost-effective solutions to our clients in the mining and resources sector.

5. We’re WA mining signage experts

Our signage professionals have installed mining signage on sites throughout WA for 25 years. We make sure we’re in and out as quickly as possible, and we make sure our installation experts have minimal impact on your operations – so your workflow remains optimal.

6. Our signs are tough (like us)

We know that mine sites are subject to some of the toughest conditions around. Our signs are built to withstand the high temperatures WA is known for, and our crew are skilled at tackling remote locations with challenging access points. We have installed mining signage all over WA, and we’re proud of the work we do.

Get started

If you need quality, reliable and affordable mining signage at your WA site, please contact us. We have the capabilities to manufacture and install mine site signage, or we can perform one of these key services for you.