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If you’re looking to perform sign installations at your business, this blog is for you. Today we’re talking about how a professional sign installer can save you time, money and improve the longevity of your signage.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Save money

It may cost you more upfront to employ a professional to install your signage, but if they do a quality job, you’ll end up saving more over the life of your signage. That’s because professionally installed signage lasts longer.

It’s simple really. A professional has the equipment, skills and knowledge to ensure your signage is installed correctly. They know what kind of installation method is best suited for your signage, so it withstands time and the elements.

2. More effective

A professional sign installer can assist you with choosing the right location for your sign, so it’s seen by more people. Signage that isn’t placed correctly is, well, useless. That’s why you need to ensure your signage does the job it’s intended for.

Signage located too far from the road can become pointless, if it’s obscured from people driving by. Wayfinding signage needs to be positioned correctly, or your staff or the public won’t know how to navigate your space.

Professional installers make sure your signage goes in the right spot. They have years of experience, which they can draw on to recommend the placement of your signs, so they are effective and most importantly, noticed.

3. Keep people safe

In 2019 a five-by-four metre freeway sign fell and crushed a car on Tullamarine Freeway in Melbourne. Luckily, the driver was unharmed. A report found that the sign fell as a result of weaknesses in quality control.

VicRoads said the sign fell because of a ‘progressive fatigue crack’ that was caused by a vital part of the sign not being installed. The vital part in question was a missing steel stiffener plate, which strengthens the sign’s attachment to the gantry.

Yes, this is a severe example of what can happen when signage is not correctly installed. But it is important to ensure sign installations are performed by professionals, with a keen attention to detail.

This is especially the case when signs are located around the public, whether they’re overhanging or not. Electrical faults can also be very dangerous, which is why proper installation and maintenance matters.

4. Save time and effort

Hiring someone to perform your sign installations frees you up to do the activities you do best. Steve Tobak of Entrepreneur magazine said:

“Everyone starts out doing something and some of us end up running the whole show, but somewhere in between, successful people always find the one thing they do best. And that becomes a pivotal point in our careers.”

Hiring a professional to do the stuff that’s not in your wheel house will not only save you time and effort, it will also allow you to place that time and energy into growing your business using your own specific skill set.

5. Decided you do need a professional sign installer?

If you need someone to perform professional sign installations at your business, please get in touch. We install signage at shopping centres, mine sites and we’re cleared to work on petrol stations (WPCG) and airside at airports (ASIX).

Our signage installers are backed by years of experience, and hold qualifications to work at heights. We also have qualified electricians, who can install powered or electronic signs safely and efficiently.

Head here for more on our sign installations, or contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your signage needs.