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If you run a mine site, building site or any other operation where people are operating machinery, you’ll know the importance of quality construction signs. Today, we’re talking about why every site needs them.

1. Worksite signage can help to make your site safe

Clear and durable construction signs are vital, if you’re planning to run a site that complies with OH&S regulations in Australia. Signage needs to inform people on site of hazards or risks, and it needs to be clearly visible.

If your construction signs are not clearly visible, then they’re not doing their job. This is where quality manufacturing and installation comes into the picture. It’s not enough to just have the right construction signs.

They also need to be correctly installed, so people on your site can easily refer to them when going about their work. All construction signs need to be highly visible and clearly understandable, or they’re not effective.

2. Quality construction signs can improve efficiency

Construction signs significantly improve efficiencies at any site. In the case of public works, they alert members of the public to possible dangers, and can direct them to alternative, safer routes.

They also warn workers of risks in the area, especially if new workers are coming onsite at different times, and don’t have an awareness of what is taking place. Finally, construction signs assist people with finding what they’re looking for.

For example, construction signs often include wayfinding signage, which tells people where to access facilities. They can even tell site visitors where to report to, and as a result, reduce in-person administrative communication onsite.

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3. Durability

Good quality worksite signs are not just built to last. They’re built to withstand tough conditions, like those on remote sites in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Because they’re durable, you’ll be able to use and re-use them on multiple projects, making them an investment in the safety and efficiency of many operations. And, if you need more manufactured, this can easily be arranged.

If you’re purchasing signs for a site, always ask about the durability of the materials. This is especially the case if the signage seems incredibly cheap, as there may be a good reason why.

4. Visibility

Many sites include their logo or other branding on signs, to ensure the public and visitors onsite are aware of who is behind the project. This seemingly small design add-on can make a big difference to your company’s visibility.

A good sign maker will ensure your branding is obvious, while making sure the message being conveyed remains clear and effective. After all, the number one objective of your construction signs is to improve safety onsite.

When your signs are being manufactured, it is not difficult to include a company logo, to reinforce recognition of your business. If this is something you’re interested in, ask the signage company to quote both options.

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